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CUBE 03/05 - interactive installation · 2 July 06 by andria

CuBE 03/05 is an interactive installation. it is a journey through a movie, Alfred Hitchcock┬┤s movie "ROPE" [1948]. by moving the box through the space, you are making your way through the movie. it is a hughe wooden box (wash-machine sized, on wheels). it features a small window to look inside.

cube 03/05

by pushing or dragging the box around the place, you actually move through the movie in the realtime. it all happens in the box. just look inside! you see some fragmented graphical key-elements of the movie, as well as hear the most important dialogues, all in real time :)

cube 03/05

there is a more detailed site about this project, with detailed description, inside looks, behind the scenes, picts and movies....just click on the link to take a closer look!

right now the site is in german only, but soon there will be a english version too!

more about Hitchcock┬┤s Rope at:

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