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andrija.com - itsallinthecode

i own my first_name.com :-) the whole design was done in html code, using tables, borders and background colors.
there are no graphical elements used (gifs, jpegs), the whole page is being rendered in the browser itself. therefore the results vary depending on the browser used.

IE on peecee looks best, but firefox (mac/peecee) looks good too.
safari sux, it renders rather quickly than good, time to move to firefox!

mr. code himself:

nazional.com - pink patriotic p0rn! [PPP]

it´s a rip-off a "standard" or "classic" p0rn site which installs u a dialer. here is no dialer, no p0rn, just PinkPatrioticPorn! CHECK IT OUT!

lepabrena.com - now moved to http://lepabrena.4011.net

i hijacked a name for a site, somehow, someday i forgot to renew the domain and now its gone for good :-(

onemilliondollarmovie.com - guess what this is about?

right now its still a placeholder (a nice one lol) for guess what? :-)
ok, i´ll tell u, its gonna be a movie :-) check it out, it´s got a couple of nice picts, some experimental navigation and the placeholding text is - War&Peace. i kinda still hang on this design and dont wanna delete it yet. just hurry up and check it out before it´s gone!

paramountandroid.4011.net - was paranoid android, but few years later, i noticed the connection with the paramount so finally it got its real name! and it deserves it :-)

it is a memory of a digital journey of some noob android to that noob beverly hill(s)... take a close look and enjoy it!
ps: dont forget to scroll around :-P

1138//4011 - wtf is this about? in the peaks of boredom, i go and make some sound i´d like to hear. acctually it´s just like movies :-) here i got only few songs online, soon more to come, i promise!

watch out, more to come! enjoy!!

cecaraznatovic.com - another name i hijacked, this time of a famous serbian female "artist". she was married to infamous war criminal arkan, but he got puffed away, his biotch is still alive, and once again, i forgot to renew the domain...the kkk took it away....

now it resides under http://cecaraznatovic.4011.net there are some nice picts of her being arrested cuz her best friends snuffed away serbian premier zoran djindjic... :-(

this is what this biotch looks like

© andrija arapovic