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4011:::NET · 18 September 06 by andria

this was one was made years ago and in the first place i called it android paranoid, but few years later, i noticed the connection with the paramount so finally it got its final name - paramountandroid (!) and it deserves it :-)

it is a short digital story, told in 4 king-size picts (3444x3420 pixels)
nowadays, most browsers downsize larger pictures... back in the day it was fun watching computers / browsers going down under the heavy-weight load of 9 megapixels jpeg :)

the story itself...
it features an android (kind of a bender) and it is all about his visit to LA and his analog (drunken) / digital interference with the beverly hill(s)

well.... for the rest... you´ll have to visit the site yourself... in high-definition

paramount android
(click the pict to go to )

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