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4011:::NET · 18 September 06 by andria

Lepa Brena is an ex-YU folk star... i hijacked her name .com back in 2000 and put up some rather chaotic / anarchistic content on this site.

in effort to reflect the situation of war / general anarchy / politically established hatered, that was on daily agenda in serbia back at that time. it still was under slobodan milosevic´s pathological rulership.

the aim was to promote all kind of weird stuff (funny and sort of not funny pictures, from modern days back to 100 years old events in the world history, revolutions next to funny-ad posters, strange essays, sick voting polls) and on the other side feature (rather as a hidden jams) rather too optimistic, naive and positive texts/essays which could make our world a better place.

so why all this fuss with / through Lepa Brena?
simply because in ex-YU she enjoyed big popularity, comparable to the popularity of such "stars" like Madonna in the so-called free world (back in the days of the World War III - Cold War).
she, like all other her collegues, didn´t care at all about what was going on in the country - war raging in parts of former yugoslavia, people getting deported, genocides, countries and societies falling apart in a civil / religious war

and particuallary her persona, being of a bosnian muslim origin, having made a career in serbia, never bothered about those issues, she was an entertainer. not even the fact there was a war going on between her fellowship bosnian moslems and serbs didnt bother her too much. she just switched to serbian side... changed name and religious orientation... THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

the site was in serbian, although most of the visual content were pretty understandable / readable for international visitors as well, some written content was in english too.
all in all, it was giving a rather weird puzzled mixture of big and small moments of world´s history without being precise what intention was behind all of this
my intention was further desorientation, de-information, confusing propaganda.

so what happend with it? it worked pretty well, lots of visitors, people taking part in voting polls which were asking which nation is going to the most hatered in the next year... hated, as a part of daily political agenda, actually reached a level where it became a part of pop culture. together with entertainers like Lepa Brena.
the best thing was, that her hardcore fans were regullary visiting the website, openning free email accounts...

at the end i simply forgot to renew the domain and it was grabbed by - one of the biggest fake search engines (paid search results), one you get to when you enter a wrong URL.

now the content of the original has been moved to and at you can have a look what ultimatesearch looks like. they get paid crazy sums of money for each provided click.. from 0.5$ up to 5$

lepa brena
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