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4011:::NET · 22 July 06 by andria

here, i started from a scratch. there was no design, no orientation, beside orange color.

the site was about the book "wiener wander tage" (viennese marching days) which was a name for thursdays-demonstrations against the new conservative/right wing government (what year was it, 2000, 2001?). the protest marches lasted for something like 18 months, and today, 2006, the same BS government is still in charge. :-(

wiener wandertage
(click the pict to enlarge)

in the meantime, the site being hosted by a left orientated media-arts-group, is now offline, guess why... that media-arts-people lost their subventions and they themselves went offline.
but anyway, here is the (dead) link which will bring you to the mainn page of the mentioned organisation being forced to go offline:

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